About Me

In the last year, I have gone from being a solo around-the-world sailor, to being married. I now live in Seattle (my first city) and live for mountain rescue and alpine climbing. This blog has formerly been dedicated to travel adventure stories, as much of the last ten years of my life has been spent on the move. Lots of sailing stories and foreign countries. But now there is a shift. The landscapes of my musings will now be mostly that of the Cascade Mountains; my travels will be those in a van to other mountainous areas. We live to run, to ski, and to climb (and to jump into cold water when we find it!) Stay with me; the sailing stories are in the past, but I hope the storytelling shall remain the same.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I have recently sailed solo from Seattle to Mexico to New Zealand to Japan. I sail without an engine, so I believe this speaks highly of my seamanship.
I am potentially available for delivery at any time, any where. I work for pleasure. I love sailing different boats in different places. I work cheap.

My guarantee is my honesty and integrity. I will tell you exactly what I can and can't do with your boat, without exception. I am a very educated sailor--I have read a bit of everything. But I am a greatly experienced sailor, as I have seen many strange harbors, storms, and situations that stretch the fold of creativity and determination to overcome.
I can be trusted with much more than your boat. Please contact me to learn more.

My email is: bellyofthewhale@gmail.com